Kids Golf Lessons in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for Kids Golf Lessons in Hong Kong you’ve come to the right place, well kind of. Although City Links, which used to be one of only a few places in Hong Kong to offer kids golf lessons, has closed down, we recommend you check out the Hong Kong Golf School. Whilst they don’t specifically state they do kids golf lessons, they definitely do and several of their Pro’s have years of experience teaching kids golf lessons in Hong Kong. With several locations to choose from, and the fact that many of their Hong Kong golf coaches have kids of their own, the Hong Kong Golf School has a reputation for offering the best Kids Golf Lessons in Hong Kong. A lot of inquiries we get ask about how old their kid has to be to start taking Kids Golf Lessons in Hong Kong. As with any question relating to toddlers, young kids, it really depends on each child. In general, with most kids below the age of 5-7, it’s really going to be more baby sitting. Of course, some more disciplined kids can be taught younger, whilst on the opposite, any child with a short attention span is obviously not going to last too long.

We encourage you not to force your kids into learning to play golf, if you can get them along to one of the Hong Kong Golf School’s Kids Summer Golf Schools, we’re confident they’ll enjoy it as they have a very high retention ration and their summer golf camps are full within a few hours of being announced to the general public. For equipment, you can buy a kids set for under HKD$1000 so although the Hong Kong Golf School does offer kids clubs for hire during their summer golf camps in Hong Kong, if your child has shown an interest in playing golf, it’s probably worth buying them their own set. For very young kids (3-4) they have sets with a driver, iron and putter which should be more than enough to get them going and started in golf. If you need help or advice on buying kids golf clubs, head on over to Tour Spin Golf who are the leasing suppliers of kids golf clubs in Asia.

For more information about Kids Golf Lessons in Hong Kong, go straight to the Hong Kong Golf School’s website by clicking here.

Golf Lessons in Hong Kong

If you’re looking to find out more about Golf lessons in Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place and in this post we tell you where, how and with who, you can take the best golf lessons in Hong Kong.

Not so long ago, Hong Kong golf pro’s were making big money at places like the now closed Asia Golf and City Golf driving range but nowadays, with the closure of most of Hong Kong’s major golfing practice facilities, golf lessons in Hong Kong are now more difficult to come by.   By far, the best place to take golf lessons in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong golf school.  This golf instruction academy in Hong Kong features some of Hong Kong’s most respected and best golf coaches including PGA Pro Vaughan Mason.   The Hong Kong Golf School allows you to learn golf in multiple locations including indoor golf range in Central, Tai Po golf driving range, Whitehead Golf Driving Range and Vaughan Mason’s own private studio in Kennedy Town.

Other golf coaches in Hong Kong are also available for instruction, and with a variety of programs to suit any golfer, including one hour private golf lessons, group golf lessons in Hong Kong and multi-hour golf programs, the Hong Kong Golf School has long been considered the best and only place to take golf lessons in Hong Kong.

Some of Hong Kong’s leading amateur golfers, both male and female, have been coached at the Hong Kong Golf School.  They also specialise in beginner golf programs and with their fun, non-technical approach to teaching new golfers,this is without doubt the best place to learn to play golf in Hong Kong.  You can also take a trial golf lesson to see if golf is for you, but I guarantee you that if you do take a one hour lesson, the chances are you are likely going to want to continue because of the calibre of the Hong Kong Golf School Professionals.  In total, they have over 100 years of teaching experience, something no other golf school in Hong Kong can boast.

Head on over to for more information and to take golf lessons in Hong Kong now!


Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Unveils The WedgeFit Wedge Selector Tool

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company today announced the launch of its proprietary WedgeFit™ personal wedge selector tool. The simple and quick online engagement draws from an extensive database of iron model specifications to precisely recommend the Ben Hogan TK15 wedge arrangement that will ensure optimum distance gapping for any golfer.

Created for golfers, PGA professionals and custom club fitters, the innovative WedgeFit™ system brings a new level of precision to the process of fitting golfers for matched wedges. Designed for players of all abilities, the WedgeFit™ system helps players and fitters determine the proper ‘prescription’ of wedges, including the right lofts, shafts and specifications to better optimize scoring range performance. WedgeFit™ can be found at

“Very few golfers have the right combination of lofts in their scoring clubs,” said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “And even fewer are playing the proper shafts to optimize feel and performance to improve their shotmaking in the ‘money range’. The WedgeFit™ System enables golfers to put the right tools in their bags to lower their scores.”

Since its re-introduction to golf earlier this year, the ‘new’ Ben Hogan Golf Equipment company is acutely focused on innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs, and the WedgeFit System represents the most accurate way to achieve that goal. “With the WedgeFit™ System, golfers now have the technology to ensure just the right set of wedges that will deliver improved trajectories, better distance control and optimum forgiveness,” added Koehler.

The Ben Hogan TK15 wedges are the only high performance wedges in the industry that are designed to seamlessly integrate with any full set of irons. Through the new WedgeFit™ experience, and Ben Hogan’s PreciseLoft™ system of offering every single loft from 48 to 63 degrees, golfers of all abilities will now be able to precisely blend their irons and wedges to ensure optimal gapping across the entirety of the set like never before. By having the ability to choose from 16 different lofts and an extensive shaft and grip selection, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company can provide the most accurately custom-matched, custom built set of wedges set in golf.

About Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company
The new Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company was founded in April of 2014 to bring the vaunted Ben Hogan brand and its legendary standards back to the golf equipment industry. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, only a few miles from the original Ben Hogan facility, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment once again is focused on providing discerning golfers with the most accurate and precise equipment available. The new Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company senior management shares over 130 years of experience from the original Ben Hogan Company, including manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing. For more information please visit

Golf Simulators – Visual Sports

Golf simulators have become popular partly due to the fact golf for many people takes too long. Although City Links used Full Swing Golf Simulators, today we’re taking a look at a hot new company called Visual Sports who provide not only golf simulators, but other sports simulators.

Visual Sports Systems interactive golf simulators provide the ultimate indoor golf experience. Visual Sports Systems combines industry leading SwingTrack Club™ swing analysis with SwingTrack Flight™ high-speed tracking cameras to provide you with unparalleled club analysis and ball flight data.

These golf simulators use powerful E6 golf software that allows you to compete or practice on over 85 of the world’s most famous golf courses. Each course is computer generated using real-world GPS data, and beautifully rendered to provide you with the ultimate in game experience. This is the same software used on Full Swing Golf simulators.

Visual Sports has been developing and implementing immersive golf simulators and
sports entertainment solutions for business, training facilties, professional
athletes, sports organizations, and the homes of golf, sports and entertainment
enthusiasts. A leading provider of golf simulators and sport simulators for play,
training, game enhancement, and overall, lots of fun, Visual Sports is built on
a foundation of trust, integrity, technology and outstanding service.

For the most realistic simulation possible, E6 software utilizes the most detailed, accurate high-res GPS terrain data and imaging. And play your favourite courses under sunny skies or watch a rain shower roll in. Weather settings can even be randomized to add a new dimension to each round. And wind and weather adjustments directly affect the ball flight, just like in the real world.

The new SwingTrack Club™ camera system is built on years of rock solid research and development from the Visual Sports product innovation labs. Unlike traditional swing analysis technology on the market today, the SwingTrack Club™ doesn’t just interpret what happened, it showcases it, instantly. In real-time. This is an integral part of these golf simulators.

The advanced high-speed HD camera records and displays real-time captures of your shot data including, club path, club face angle as well as point of impact. The on-screen interface instantly presents a comprehensive overview of all the relevant shot data, swing after swing.

The SwingTrack Flight™ camera system is designed to give you the most accurate ball flight analysis available. The SwingTrack Flight™ system uses four high-speed cameras to capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path. The SwingTrack Flight™ cameras captures ball flight data at the incredible rate of 2000 frames per second.

The combination of ourSwingTrack Flight™ camera system and the SwingTrack Club™ camera provides you with a full analysis of each shot and allows for a more realistic golf simulators experience.

To find out more about these golf simulators, or if you’re interested in these golf simulators for your Hong Kong business, please contact us over at or click here


Driving Range Hong Kong

If you’re looking for a driving range Hong Kong, the choices are getting less and less as Hong Kong’s driving ranges seem to keep closing down. The latest casualty is Nine Eagles Golf Course out by the airport, which although not a driving range Hong Kong in the true sense of the word, was a place you could go and practice. It had one of the best short game areas out of any driving range Hong Kong but is now permamently closed, making way for a shopping mall. Thank god for that since Hong Kong is really short on shopping malls?

So where do you practice at a driving range Hong Kong similar to City Links Golf Lounge? There’s quite a few indoor golf centers in Hong Kong that have opened up and with the weather the way it is now, who wants to go outside and spend a few hours practicing at a driving range Hong Kong and get totally covered in sweat? The indoor driving range Hong Kong model is becoming increasingly popular and if you want to find out about all the best driving range Hong Kong that you can play without sweating, please head over to, send them an email, and they’ll get back to you with some options.

How was City Links Golf Lounge a driving range Hong Kong when it was inside? Well City Links Golf Lounge had a Full Swing Golf Simulator. On the simulator you can play over 65 different golf courses including famous courses such as Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Valderamma, Bay Hill, Torrey Pines and more. But these golf simulators also had a driving range hong kong mode, you could set targets, make the range as big or small as you like, and the golf simulator would give you statistics such as distance hit, launch angle and if your ball went right or left. Admittedly, the technology wasn’t that good that it could accurately pick up draws and fades, although hit a big slice and it would definitely show up as a big banana on the screen!

Hitting off mats at any driving range Hong Kong isn’t that much fun, but at least if you’re indoors, it’s better than nothing. So to some extent, City Links Golf Lounge was a driving range Hong Kong that felt quite realistic, at least for full shots. The golf simulators also had a short game green where you could pitch and putt, but the short game on a golf simulator is definitely the most unrealistic experience since you simply can’t rely on feel or touch and as mentioned above, it’s impossible to recreate different lies when you’re hitting of exactly the same spot for every single shot.

Again, if you can overcome this slight issue, using a golf simulator to be your driving range Hong Kong is not all that bad.

Find every driving range Hong Kong over at

Indoor Golf Hong Kong

Indoor Golf Hong Kong might just be the best way to play golf in Hong Kong as for the last several months it seems it’s either hosing down with rain or sweltering hot. Those playing Indoor Golf Hong Kong can avoid all elements of the weather and use either the driving range mode of the golf simulator, or the playing mode, depending on what Indoor Golf Hong Kong center you are at. There’s not too many places that offer Indoor Golf Hong Kong but if you’ve never tried, we recommend you give it a try.

Indoor Golf Hong Kong can be very rewarding, especially if the indoor golf simulator the center uses is reliable. A few centers that offer Indoor Golf Hong Kong use Full Swing Golf Simulators and some others use Golfzon simulators, from Korea. Both are very good but it’s technology so things can go wrong. You’re swinging inside and this can make a difference to some people. ONe thing we can say is that the golf courses in game play mode are mapped to within inches and I know at City Links we had some people who were actually members of some of the courses that were available on the City Links Golf simulators, and they said they hit it in the same places on teh simulator as they did in real life!

Not all Indoor Golf Hong Kong centers are probably like this though. Anyway, on those two simulators you can play many golf courses or just practice. They also have Closest To The Pin Modes, and Long Drive modes so you should never get bored playing Indoor Golf Hong Kong as there are over 70 different golf courses to choose from. If practicing is your thing, Full Swing Golf can be somewhat accurate, but picking up draws and fades is not that realistic and as mentioned, this is technology and even the best products can go wrong. (Ever hit a drive 489 yards?)

A good thing about Indoor Golf Hong Kong is that you can sit down between shots, most of the golf simulator centers have chairs or couches you can sit on so many pepple play Indoor Golf Hong Kong for the social aspect, they go along, have a few drinks, a chat, maybe bust a few moves on your new lady friend or man friend, and hit some balls. If you’re playing golf ourtside on a real course, sometimes you might not see the other person unless you’re on the tee or green, especially if you hit it sideways like me all the time!

So where can you play Indoor Golf Hong Kong? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to give you the next best place to play Indoor Golf Hong Kong since City Links is closed.

City Links Golf Hong Kong Update

A lot of people are still contacting us regarding the state of City Links Golf Hong Kong. For those who don’t know, City Links Golf Hong Kong is now closed. After three years, we had a lot of great times including a Corporate golf league in Hong Kong featuring some of the biggest brands in the world, an Anniversary party that people are still talking about, and a Lingerie show that some say was the highlight of their golfing lives!

In case you want to know the reason for City Links Golf Hong Kong closing, well despite our best efforts, City Links Golf Hong Kong met the same fate that many SME’s have faced – a massively unreasonably rent increase that we just couldn’t swallow. It’s a real shame that so many good businesses in Hong Kong are being forced to shut down because of greedy landlords. Makes no sense at all but let’s not get into that.

Although City Links Golf Hong Kong is closed, we know a few other places that you can play golf in Central, if you are looking for a driving range in Hong Kong, an indoor golf center in Hong Kong, a golf simulator in Hong Kong, or just a place to learn golf in Hong Kong. So where are these places? Well contact us (by visiting Tour Spin Golf and clicking on the contact page) and we’ll give you the best advice on where to find a place just like City Links Golf Hong Kong.

Some other places similar to City Links Golf Hong Kong have opened up in Central and Sheung Wan, and of course there’s Golf Hideaway in Quarry Bay that also have golf simulators Hong Kong. A large indoor golf center in Hong Kong more recently opened up in Cheung Sha Wan and in Kwun Tong, but that targets local chinese as their website doesn’t even have an English version. We know of one indoor golf center in Hong Kong that is quite similar to City Links Golf Hong Kong and located very nearby the previous locatiom, as well as using the same golf simulators used by City Links Golf Hong Kong.

They even use the same Full Swing Golf Simulators used by City Links, and you can play on courses such as St Andrews, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach, Valderrama and other famour courses. There’s a driving range mode which you can use to practice and improve your Hong Kong Golf game.

Again, please head over to and visit the contact page to find out more about where you can find the best indoor golf centers in Central Hong Kong.